Target Scale

WAACS-MEDISANA-TARGETSCAL-USE2Medisana_ok_b_85415WAACS-MEDISANA-TARGETSCAL-USEDuring my internship placement at Waacs Design & Consultancy in Rotterdam, I’ve been involved in various projects within the studio and one of these is Medisana Target Scale UI.

I worked on this project from idea scketching , to user-interface design to the mock up phase.

The whole UI is about balancing between targeting your weight and not getting focused on numbers.” 
Monitor your health, target your desired weight!
Medisana’s brand new TargetScale, as designed by Waacs, is part of the innovative VitaDock product family.
All VitaDock products are made to visualize your health.

The Bluetooth-enabled TargetScale communicates with your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Managing your body weight is simple and fun with the TargetScale, instead of disappointing and frustrating. The concept as well as the innovative design are developed by Waacs.

Year: 2010

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