arpa_02 arpa_01 arpa_03Arpa Project has the aim to combine the characteristics of the acoustic Phonoflex material of Donati Group with interactive and sensory intelligence of smart materials.
Sound waves in the environment are “captured” and returned in the form of dynamic lighting effects.

The intensity of illumination, colors, and the dynamic effects themselves vary depending on the intensity of sound waves perceived by the sensors of the object.
With this project you can create rooms, areas, paths, walls, or “totem” detectors / indicators of sound “live” only thanks to the presence of the individual, household and urban noises, music and generally anything that emits a sound frequency.

This interactive system of lighting uses piezoelectric material which absorb the sound waves, accumulating and restoring it in the form of light games, thus creating an object totally self-sustaining and does not need electricity, it is self-sustaining.

So we can speak of a space “polisensuale”, which is evaluated the totality of the senses, in line with the new approach of the individual, the new body experience, the centrality of the self in which man is re-educate their senses to discover bodily sensations in all their amplitude.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” — Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This project has been develope during a University Course in 2011 at ISIA Firenze forDonati Group  company.