“Plastics are dead.  Now we have nanotechnology! Materials themselves does not exist anymore.
A single nano molecule can simulate every kind of material. Nano molecules can change their shape, transforming themselves as we wish. They can become what I want. Everything is little, portable, wireless, linked to everything else, online contemporaneous.
This is dematerialisation era. I’m ubiquitous, I can be everywhere at the same time.”
Some crazy and amazing speech during my Finnish studying period at Kuopio Academy of Design.

Stony is a new kind of personal assistant, it’s a new kind of technological device. It can change its shape in a while, can be modeled as clay and change its color and material.
It’s a phone, it brings a lot of music, a camera, a laptop, a GPS and more.
It replaces every kind of “physical” money with virtual money because Stony can be used as credit card.
Stony can substitute all the keys that people usually uses during the day life.
He is a wireless remote that uses internet web connection to communicate with your equipment at home, like owen, fridge, bathroom and so on. 
How to switch on: the first shape is a natural yelding stone. With a finger printing stony will start to breath and to switch on.

st_1 st_2 st_3

Squeezing Stony will appear a virtual screen 2d or 3d. Keeping in one hand the other hand is to navigate with gestual recognition.

Costumers are totally free to experiment new shapes and new way to use Stony. They can memorize as much new applications as that they want.

This project focuses on exploring the potential of nanotechnology, creating more manipulative prototypes such as organic electronics.
Sythetic Biology combines the techniques of biology and computerscience, nanotech works in that way.

How does organic computing look like and how will our relationship with these products change?
Can organic electronics with biosensor open up new possibilities for sensual and poetic design?
New interactions such as breaking, sharing, throwing away and minong data.
These new interactions not only generate new behaviors but will also redifine our relationship with products around ourselves.Stony_04Stony_11stony_a