X&Y Genomics

This project was born during the 2012 Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University.
The idea behind X&Y Genomics is to allow the interaction with personal genetic data to inspire awareness and turn personal genetic data into unique virtual & physical objects.

X&Y Genomics envisions a world where everyone has the knowledge to understand, articulate, and share their personal genetic information.

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On the “DNA by Me” platform the user can interact visually and intelligently with genetic information, discover how behaviour can influence the risk of disease, learn to be aware of “what you are” & accept “what you can and can’t change”. The platform has two main components: 1) An algorithm that takes the results of a consumer genetic scan and turns them into 3D-printable shapes. 2) A web-based 3D configurator in the integrated into the process that allows users to customize and personalize their genetic data into physical objects.

X&Y Genomics combines science, technology, and aesthetics to create tools that empower people. During this adventure of 5 months I was the CEO and founder of X&Y Genomics, and I learned a great deal about genetics, teamwork, and my own confidence.

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