WoodenCycle are sustainable, beautiful and technological bikes. We are in business to make the earth cleaner, greener, and more sustainable for future generations. We believe bikes are the best way of transportation and we believe that luxury is simplicity.

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As VP & Chief Creative Officer of WoodenCycle I’ve been developing from the first design sketch in December 2013 to the brand identity strategy and product launch during the design week in Milan April 2014.

WoodenCycle is a collaborative effort, a meticulous workmanship, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

The design simplify shapes to inspire elegance and purity of the structure it uses what is really necessary as material.

Everything starts in Jakarta by collecting recycled wood. WoodenCycle bikes are produced by local artisans and are carefully assembled in Italy by experienced craftsman and delivered everywhere with love and passion.


We believe that in the future technology will be literally dissolved into everyday life and we will evolve into more emotional people. We are dissolving all the necessary technologies into our beautiful and sustainable bikes.
We believe that beauty is hidden in sleek simplicity. Our bikes are impeccable sharp lines and perfectly executed joints. We believe that sustainability is about Environmental Responsibility, Social Equity, Economic Health, and Cultural Vitality.

Our customer are thinking of technology evolution as at the same time are aware and are respecting the planet, they are using cutting edge technologies and at the same time they are in love with nature and taking care and preserving of the environment.
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As citizens of this planet, we care for the environment and the human being. We are citizens who believe that to have an entrepreneurial spirit, to set a brand, to build trends, it is not necessary to lose one’s humanity or capacity to dream. We prefer craftsmanship and artistry over mass production.

We employed the best woodworkers with the best source of wood to build a beautiful handcrafted wooden bicycle frame. We are keen to give our customers a unique experience while cycling grounded on a sustainable lifestyle.

We believe in the world around us, in human being, in emotion, fair trade, respect, equality and, above all, beauty of things. Our bikes are designed to simplify the usage of the bike, to incorporate all the necessary gadget in the bike itself.

In our bikes there is a wood smartphone handle which allows an automated smart light and phone charger and a removable rollable bicycle fender from Musguard.