Makr Shakr

Makr Shakr is the world’s first, award winning, robotic bar system.

Revealed at the 2013 Google I/O in San Francisco and then at the Design Week in Milan, Makr Shakr unleashes the creativity of each individual while exploring new dynamics of social life.

Makr Shakr mission is to build accessible and user friendly robotic experiences to empower individual and social creativity.

4. Milan Design Week by MyBossWas

1. Google I:O by KurtDeegan2. Google I:O by KurtDeegan 1 5. MakrShakr by MaxTomasinelli 2

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3. MakrShakr by LucasWerthein_Superuber 1

As Product & Experience Design Manager my daily job was to make sure that Makr Shakr will be singular and future-proof for a long time.

I’ve been managing Makr Shakr Bionic Bars brand strategy launch in New York on Nov 2014 and in Southampton on April 2015.

As Product Manager I’ve been leading the new Makr Shakr on the Road machine which will be launched in Sept 2015 in Milan at World EXPO and will continue with a Word Wide Tour 2015/2016.

My main role for Makr Shakr on The Road project has been from creating the brief of the new machine, to designing the new bionic bar inside a 20ft container, to selecting materials and suppliers up to finalising contracts with automation, aesthetic and developers supplier while getting everything in time for the launch in Sept 2015.